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Melan Shifa
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Completed projects
Leadership positions
Honors and Awards
Goal-oriented student with multiple experiences outside of school. Used digital resources to self-teach different skills from using excel to website design and many more. Worked with many top organizations around the world, founded and led 2 startups into being one of the best in their firms in Ethiopia, and been part of multiple competitive entry programs offered by companies like Google and Microsoft. Below you will find more information and details. Visit my digital resume for more of my experiences and detailed information at www.melanshifa.com.

Educational History
Minnesota State University, Mankato
August 2021- May 2025
- Computer Science major with Critical Thinking minor.
- Honors program student and recipient of the International Mavericks   Scholarship.
- Unofficial transcript could be provided on request.
Intellectual Schools
September 2017- June 2020
- Alumni of Intellectual Schools, graduated with a GPA of 4.0.
- Took a Natural Sciences concentration with general class like Civics, English,   etc.
Summer Programs Experience
Explore Intern- Microsoft.
May 2022- August 2022
- Had a rotating role of a Product Manager and a Software Engineer.

- Worked on coming up with a solution to ease user experience on Microsoft's Customer Insights product under the Business Applications and Platform org.

- Through the 3 month, we started as PMs, brainstormed and worked on a design doc for our approch; after getting an approval on our pitch from the design team we went ahead to implment our design.

- Most fundamental experience and skills gained. // add a space
- React JS
- Working and collaborating on a large codebase
- Git and AzureDevOps
- Figma
- Designing 1-pagers and Spec sheets
- Working as a team on a coding project and breaking tasks.
Computer Science Summer Institute: Online - Google, Inc.
July 2020
- Participated in a 4-week intensive computer science summer program for high-achieving students where Google engineers taught how to develop web apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and Google App-Engine.

- Completed an introductory project-based JavaScript processing curriculum taught by Google engineers.

- Configured multiple individual coding projects by using concepts such as variables, data types, and functions.

- Delivered a collaborative final project presentation that included a live demonstration to Google employee and community leaders.


Graphics Design Course- Greater Academy

- Learned different high value skills like using photoshop, illustrator and others to design beautiful designs from logos to posters and even animated videos.

- I was able to be become a great designer in no time.

- My skills got me into different high status design projects in Ethiopia.

Website Design
Team Work

Report Writing

Project Management
Html & CSS
Java Script
Work Experience
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Admissions Counseling Inc- CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder
October 2020- Present
- ACI is the first company in East Africa and the Middle East that educates students the application process to universities and give them a choice in their application through variety of services.

- We raised ACI's name across social media in less than a year and now have thousands of followers on TikTok, Telegram, and our email newsletter. ACI grew to be the top in the region.

- We have had up to two hundred students use our paid services and thousands used our free services, almost all of those were able to go through their process successfully with our help.
Visit ACI
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Digitalize- Founder, Lead Designer and Developer
June 2020- Present
- Digitalize was founded with the aim of giving businesses in Ethiopia and around the world an online presence through multiple services.

- When hired we designed logos, graphics, promo videos, websites, built their social media page and integrated them with Google Business; in short we built a company’s digital side top to bottom.

- We had 5 companies use our services and more will be coming soon, through this startup I was able to develop my design skills in addition to building leadership and team-work expertise.
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Honors Office MNSU- Media Relations Coordinator
September 2021- Present
- Responsible for creating content and handling the social media page of the honors office, honors beacon newsletter and blog content.

-Recruit and lead a team of writers and photographers for the honors beacon magazine.

- Assist with other responsibilties at the office, and attend weekly staff meeting.
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Sucros Clear- Information and Computer Technology Manager Assistant.
November 2020- June 2021
- Assisted in performing technical level duties that include, coordination and participating in the company's turnkey information technology projects and providing end used support.

- Was responsible in being the front guy for tech related customer inquires, handled different concerns, problems by troubleshooting and fixing minor problems to communication the companies tech department for large problems.
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Mohammed Shifa Agency- IT expert, Data Handler and Call Translator.
November 2018- December 2019
- Was responsible to handle translation tasks translated hundreds of overseas calls from Arabic to Amharic/English and vice versa.

- In addition to executing my tech related tasks effectively, I deployed an online data handling system with a backup mechanism and transformed the workflow from paper based to computer based. This led to an increment in efficiency and the speed at which a task was executed by at least 75 percent, which grew the company’s profit significantly.

After Effect

Adobe XD
Microsoft Office
Awards and Recognitions
Global Problem Solver and Galactic Problem Solver- Nasa Space App Hackathon.
Winner- Nasa Scientist for a day competition.
Special Mention Team(Top 30/ 200 teams)- CERN Beamline For School Competition.

Recommendation Letter- Melak Zebenay(NASA Engineer)

Appreciation Letter- President Barack Obama.
Full Ride Scholarship- Intellectual Schools.
Certficate of Appreciation and dinner invitation to Ambassador's Residence at the US Embassy- US Embassy
Awards and Recognitions
Nasa Space App Hackathon.
Global Problem Solver and Galactic Problem Solver.
Winner of the Scientist for a day competition
CERN Beamline For School Competition
Special Mention Team(Top 30/ 200 teams).
Melak Zebenay(NASA Engineer).
Recommendation Letter.
President Barack Obama.
Appreciation Letter.
Intellectual Schools.
Full Ride Scholarship.
US Embassy.
Certficate of Appreciation and dinner invitation to Ambassador's Residence at the US Embassy.
Activities/ Leadership
Full Time volunteer as Tutor and Events Planner
American Center, Embassy of the United States in Addis Ababa.       2018 - 2021
- Taught 40+ children on a daily basis lessons on STEM topics not offered at school from Astronomy to programming, lessons were organized and created by me.

- Designed more than 100 posters and banners for different events held by the center throughout the years. By using different psychological studies when designing those posters- with the goal of attracting the demographic it wanted to attract, I was able to grow the center's members and participants number by at least 50 percent in a really short time, while simultaneously improving my design skills.

- My work got me an appreciation letter and a dinner at the ambassador’s residence.
Shellhacks, Hacker and Team Leader.
Shellhacks Hackathon         2021
- Brainstormed and developed an idea for a system that allows students to connect with each other, a social media platform just for students, where students have the opportunity to create their own profile page where they can have full control on how to customize it. They can even share the professional side of their profile with recruiters.

- We added new hardware based features to it where students can share their page and connect with a simple tap of phones, we did this using the NFC already installed inside most phones.
Space App Hackathon
NASA                2020
- Brainstormed and designed an idea for an App that would help fight against Covid-19 by organizing different data to create a strategy to map out areas with high cases so officials could focus on them. - I was awarded the Galactic and Global Problem Solver title.
Invention Challenge Competitor
JPL, NASA         2019 - 2020
- Designed and built a machine that executes tasks provided by JPL under strict requirements set by the judges.

- Used different equipment and parts to design the machine, while self teaching ourselves how to use them.

- We won the school level and passed to the international level; but couldn’t attend due to visa issues.
Cosmo Club, President and Founder.
American Center         2019 - 2021
- Led weekly meetings and organized different events where students, professors, and different interested people could share their passion for Space Science and STEM in general.

- By using different reach out strategies through social media and focusing on what members wanted and providing it, I grew the club to have 300+ members.
Books         Always
I take writing as a hobby, and love the way it delivers my opinions and thoughts to the world.

I worked on different platforms to share my thoughts, I have been the main editor and wrote a couple of articles in my schools magazine in Saudi; I write and publish blogs on Wecare’s blog page and on my medium page. I also had the chance to self-publish two books the space and the ISS throughout my highschool years and currently I am working on an advanced book.
Intellectual Schools’ Space science and engineering Club, President
Intellectual Schools         2017-2020
- Organized and led weekly meetings - Organized school based events on Space science and engineering - Represented our school on national space science events. - Leader of our clubs team for science fair, where we built model rockets and hosted the Ethiopian Space Science Society.
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